Twitter dating

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Twitter Chats are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly conversations on Twitter that are orchestrated by a hashtag.

If you've ever attended a live event that used a hashtag to organize all of the Tweets about that event, this is sort of the same thing.

If you want to host your own Tweet Chat, consider attending a bunch of Tweet Chats, and then learn more about how each moderator manages their own.

Every Twitter Chat has it's own rules and guidelines.

I want #blogchat to be like a coffeehouse where everyone is discussing the same general topic, but each table is talking about a slightly different take on that topic."Most Tweet Chat moderators ask that you don't self-promote your own work unless it's relevant to the group discussion. Now imagine the questions being much more interesting than shoes and thus, your answers being much more interesting. So when someone posts an answer to a question that you find interesting or quoteable, go ahead and retweet them.Your feed during a chat will probably be half answers and half retweets.I've found some of my favorite people to follow through Tweet Chats because they're not using Twitter as a soapbox but understand how meaningful it is as a way to get to know new people.As someone who works from home, I like getting to know new people whenever I can!

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