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Coaches told all the Cyclones to emphasize their "environment" to any visiting recruits: married head coach, straight assistants, kids running underfoot."Tell them we're family- oriented," the player recalls.

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"'Iowa has morals, and people who live here have values, wholesome values.'" The implication, to her and to another former Cyclone who confirmed her account, was that at other schools, "there's something going on you don't know."The messaging continued after she joined the Iowa State squad and started to help recruit younger players.Trump has hired two operatives with a history of anti-equality rhetoric to leads his campaign.Prior to becoming a candidate, Trump said that Pat Buchanan’s anti-LGBTQ rhetoric was disgusting, and he said that LGBTQ groups were glad he was hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Russia to challenge the status quo.Here's a guy just goes -- he's given up on the process and he just goes and signs executive orders on everything.DICKERSON: “So, if you were president -- you seem like kind of guy if you were president you might use an executive order or two, though.” TRUMP: “Well, I will say this.

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    This interactive exhibit gives you the chance to help make the algorithm even better. Can the computer tell if you’re thinking about shopping or death?

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    During their exchanges, the undercover officer said he was just 15, but Maruna replied that he didn’t believe in age, according to WKBN.