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You start a BITS job, and from that point on, BITS is responsible for the download.But what if we tell you that BITS is a careless middleman?

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He got interested in Mainframe security in 2014 when, during an audit, he noticed the big security gap between this platform and standard systems like Windows and Unix.0ctane 0ctane is a longtime hobbyist hacker, with experience primarily in UNIX systems and hardware.Holding no official training or technical employment, 0ctane spends most of their free time building and restoring older computer systems, hanging out at surplus stores and tracking down X86 alternatives with an occasional dabbling in OSX and 802.11 exploitation.Less well appreciated, however, is that machine learning can be susceptible to attack by, ironically, other machine learning models.In this talk, we demonstrate an AI agent trained through reinforcement learning to modify malware to evade machine learning malware detection.

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