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The story focuses on singlehood from both the female and male perspectives, and suggests it is not our relationships, but our single times in between, that define us.

Topics of single life that will be explored include blind dating, when to get married, casual sex and fear of commitment.

In other words, the antidote to this type of harm is the natural process of developing socially--learning to share, cooperate, and so on. The social contract which motivates a person to be social only makes sense if the society itself is indeed social.

So if we want to see individual reform, an important part of this is working for societal reform.

Additionally, the RSVP program has seen a dramatic reduction of inmate violence as well, not only making society safer, but making the guards safer as well. As long as we think prison needs to be a place where "criminals should suffer" we will support the perpetuation of this spiral of violence.

The question of moral development, and the question that has to do with me being faithful to the way of Jesus, is what I then do with that drive for retaliation. Can I rise above it and look for a better way of resolving conflict?In part 1 of this series, I introduced psychologist Roy F.Baumeister's five roots of evil: predation, dominance, revenge, sadism, and ideology, specifically covering the last two, sadism, and ideology. When the police are not seen as serving and protecting, but are seen as a threat, the idea of "justice" is thus not entrusted to the state, and "gangs" take the role upon themselves.This cultural value is reinforced constantly by nearly every action movie ever made where revenge is made synonymous with justice.It takes a lot of moral imagination to rise above that, because it means rising above the moral imagination of our contemporary society.

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