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Our followers are in New York, and Los Angeles, and Utah, and Australia and Germany and Israel, and absolutely everywhere.Just this past week, we received emails from podcast listeners (who are now TV show viewers) in Nuie Island (we had to look that up — it’s a tiny country sort of near but sort of not near New Zealand), Saskatchewan, Israel, Switzerland, and London.Jasmin was working for an animal rights organization as the campaigns manager, and Mariann was working as a lawyer and teaching animal law at several law schools.Jasmin, whose background is in theater, wanted to start a podcast, and Mariann wanted to start a blog, so we decided to combine them into one entity.They were thirsty for ideas and opportunities to figure out how to use the talents they already had and social circles they were already in to create change for animals.So we went with that success, and expanded into a non-profit.And when it comes to the Brooklyn flavor that we plan on including on every episode, we are certain we’ll never run out of things to talk about and people working in this realm to interview.How have you found New Yorkers’ reception has been to your work in general, over the years?

The reason we are doing the show here and now is because we are working with the remarkable folks at Brooklyn Independent Media, a brand new TV station just launched by BRIC.A few weeks ago, we took our biggest step yet, expanding to have a TV show — also called Our Hen House — which is a co-production with Brooklyn Independent Media.It runs on cable (Time Warner and Verizon Fi OS), as well as on the internet.The women behind Our Hen House keep themselves busier than most, but their efforts in animal advocacy make it worth it.New Park Slope residents Jasmin Singer, co-founder and executive director, and Mariann Sullivan, co-founder and program director, have just gotten even busier though, as they’ve added to a long list of work with their non-profit organization (which includes a podcast and magazine) by launching a new TV show, which is airing on Brooklyn Independent Media.

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