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t He is enjoined to sleep alone, and to perform the duty of a religious mendicant. He must neither dance nor sing, nor play on musical instru- ments or with dice. Nesbit's tract on the Brahman's Claims, which appear- ed after the Exposures were published, and in which some of the popular aspects of the subject are commented on in a telling way. He is commanded to ab - stain from honey, flesh, perfumes, garlands, vegetable juices, women, acidulated substances, the killing of animated beings, unguents for his limbs, black powder for his eyes, wearing sandals, using an umbrella, sensual desires, wrath, covetousness, dancing, singing, dice, disputes, detraction, and falsehood. He must not dwell under the government of a Shudra. His religious exercises must commence with the morning twilight ; and, except during the times of study and eating, they must be con- * The imparting of gifts (dcbid) is quite a science according to tlie institutions of Caste, which, as far as this matter is concerned, are collected and explained, in all their particularities, in the Law Book entitled the Ddna Mayukha. 29 tural or adopted, the salvation of a father cannot be effected.* He has to practise unceasingly various minute and burdensome rites and ceremonies, connected with study ; oblations to fire ; the presentation of food to spirits, through animated beings, particularly the ^'twice-born;" the entertainment of Brahmanical guests ; and the offering of rice and water to the manes of ancestors.t At the Shraddha Sy or reverential feasts and services performed either for ancestors or for gods, he has to avoid inviting or holding intercourse with par- ties labouring under any disease, deformity, impotency, or defect (held under the doctrine of the metempsycosis to be the consequence of past crimes), despising Brah- manical institutes, or following employments unconge - nial with the Brahmanical doctrines and practices, or guilty of crime . of a tear would send the messes before him to restless spirits ; anger, to foes ; falsehood, to dogs; contact with the foot (padasparsha), to Rakshasas ; and agitation, to scoundrels.* At the same time, he has to regale his silent guests with readings from the Veda, from the in- stitutes of law {Dharma- Slidstra) ^ from stories, from historical poems (Itihasa, generally app Ked to the Ma- habharata,) from antiquities (Purdnas), and from other scriptures.t At these ceremonial oflferings animal food, to be ate by the company, is declared to be of more avail in the work of propitiation than vegetables, a fact which the Brahmans of the present day are shy in admittingwj He has to be most particular about the times of the month and day of his religious services. They appear to me to have originally belonged to two different Codes. 31 beard clipped, his passions subdued ; his mantle, white ; and his body pure.* He must not gaze on the sun whether rising or setting (unless in religious services), or eclipsed, or reflected in water, or advanced to the middle of the sky. In the first A'shrama, or Oi*der, that of the Brahmd- diari, or Pupil, the Brahman boy, must render the greatest reverence and attention to his priestly instruc- tor, observing constant oblations, and practising unceas- ing restraints of his appetites. The fourth chapter in many respects corresponds with the third.इसका फायदा सबसे बड़ा तो यह होगा कि जब एक टैक्स लागू होगा तो ग्राहक एक बार ही टैक्स ऐडा करेगा जिससे कि टैक्स पर टैक्स देने वाली बात से उसे राहत मिलेगी.यानि कि अब किसी वस्तु पर जो भी टैक्स लगाया जायेगा, वो राज्य और केंद्र दोनों का ही मिला-जुला टैक्स रहेगा.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. He very adroitly said, "I should infer that the teacher and pupil should sit Y(^ry closely together! should be punished for it either in his own person or in those of his descendants.Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. The Meaning, Sphere, Authority and Symbols of Caste. His moral duties he has to prefer to his ceremonial acts, though great excep- tions, elsewhere noticed, are made to this rule.

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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. But the result of a care- ful investigation was to satisfy the family that nothing would be gained by attempting to add materially to the work as Dr. Wilson had finally corrected the whole of the first volume of the work, and the second volume as far as the end of page 184. 184-228 of the second volume, completing the account of the Brahmanical castes, existed partly in type, partly in manuscript. I should perhaps mention that a portion of the first volume has been in type since 1857. f It is difficult to see the reason of the interdiction of the use of these vegetables, unless perhaps it is to be found in their strong «mell, especially when imperfectly cooked.

no defect, who has an agreeable name, who walks like a goose, J or young elephant, whose hair and teeth are moderate in quantity, and whose body is distinguished by softness, and who, in the case of the first marriage at least, , should be of the Brahman class § he should Hve with her in the strictest fidehty, giving her elegant attire, though not from the most exalted motive,1[ seeking to raise up a family, embracing especially a son, without whom, na- * Manu, ii. The other statements here made are on the au- thority of the context. The beasts with which he travels must be sound, and well trained ; and he must never bestride a member of the bovine race. He has to keep at a distance from the destroyers of animals and vegetable seeds not simply used in food.

• 53 — 72 SECTION IV, Orthodox View op the Mixed Castes. In the second Order, that of the Grihastha or House- holder, after the Brahman has chosen, or got chosen, for his wife, a girl whose form has . Jones makes this a phenicopteros, or adjutant bird. He must not use the clothes or ves- sels which have been used by another, till they are purified. He has to accept gifts only from Ksha- triyas and Vaishyas ; and never from Shudras.t He has to observe religious ceremonies at night (when awiake), and at mom, noon, and evening.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. J H^ is commanded to abstain from iniquity, lest he * Manu, iv. 1[ This is not now the case, as will be afterwards explained.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. J I once asked a learned Pandit, what inference he was disposed to draw from this injunction.

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