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What makes IEDs especially dangerous is that they can can be easily carried, concealed, transported or thrown by a person.

The term IED came into common usage during the Iraq War that began in 2003.

Source: Department of Homeland Security IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are homemade bombs are 'homemade' bombs that are sometimes used with destructive devices.

IEDs may be surrounded by or packed with other materials such as nails, glass, or metal fragments designed to increase the amount of shrapnel thrown by the explosion. In August 2015, the US Central Command announced that an ISIS drone had been destroyed in an airstrike.

And the missile weighs about 22 lb (10.1 kg), while the missile with launcher weighs approximately 34 lb (15.2 kg).

To operate the weapon, the soldier inserts a Battery Coolant Unit into the handguard, which releases a stream of argon gas into the machine.

The Stinger, which sits on the operator’s shoulder, was first developed in the US in 1981 and is currently used by more than 18 nations.

Iraqi Rapid Response Units reportedly brought down two drones on January 4th.A US central command official told Defense One: 'Over the last two months, coalition forces have observed about one adversary drone every day around Mosul.'The Coalition has struck a number of what we believed to be unmanned aerial vehicle facilities in Mosul.'We spend considerable time researching and developing target lists to ensure maximum effects against ISIS.' The weapon (stock) is now a lightweight, self-contained air defense system that can be rapidly deployed by ground troops and on military platforms.And it is also combat proven in four major conflicts and is deployed in more than 18 nations Iraqi soldiers have captured different kinds of drones from ISIS terrorists, especially quadcopters- a drone with four rotors that help lift it.It also shoots a chemical energy charge, which powers the indicators and missile.The modified Stringer was developed as a team effort between the US Army and Raytheon, a New Jersey-based engineer firm that specializes in defense, civil and cybersecurity markets throughout the world.

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