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Collectively, we are a team who will be with you every step of the way.Please check out our many student testimonials here:

Each of our instructors has a passion for teaching people how to fly, and without a doubt they are some of the most experienced mentors you will find anywhere.And if that solemn and weighty oath is not enough, we add the final kicker, credited to George Washington himself when he took his first oath of office as President, “So help me God.” The transference of power is powerful stuff. As I remind everyone who takes the oath of office, You have been given a wonderful gift; a gift of trust from your town to do the very best you can for the benefit of all of the residents of Essex Fells.We sit here as trustees of a very precious stone and it is indeed an honor; and with that honor comes tremendous responsibility.We are granted this sacred authority, “by the people” and not by a party, or by friends, or by any other influences, but “by the people” who have chosen us, who have entrusted us to do what is best for “the people” of the Borough of Essex Fells.We have all sworn to it, and it is something that we do not ever take lightly.

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