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Madeline "Maddy" Smith is the main protagonist of the first two series.

She is a fifteen year old girl who is attempting to conceal her true identity from the world.

At the train station they meet a poor boy who's just arrived on the same train from Copenhagen, travelling on 3rd class. Miss Vetterstrøm has had a very lifelike dream about her great love from her younger years, moving into the hotel. Aurland has gone to Copenhagen to appear on the radio, in a debate with the Nazi-enthusiastic Docent Knabstrup. Aurland needs Weyse to look after baby Severin, which has an unexpected effect on the otherwise self-absorbed actor.

He has been sent to Jutland by his parents to spent the summer vacation at a farm, while they are busy working in order to feed the family.

But that doesn't keep the regular guests from Copenhagen, from being back at the little hotel, where Fie is now in charge of the daily management.

However, the maid Edith, is certain that Fie is dreaming about something else entirely and therefore, she seeks out the spiritual Miss Vetterstrøm to figure out what it is. Weyse is riding a wave of success within the world of the moving picture and in order to be left in peace for the summer, he has told the press that he is vacationing at Lake Garda.

Hans Christian Varnæs, manager of the town bank, refuses him a loan to set up a clothes shop. See full summary » The true story of the Fiil's a family of innkeepers who during Nazi-Germany's occupation of Denmark took up arms against the German occupiers.

Amanda and Count Ditmar has come to an agreement on how to handle their pro forma marriage but neither Ditmar's mother nor Max, quite agrees with their plan.

The characters will go through tears and laughter in the captivating journey that takes place as times change from optimism to crisis.

It's a multi-plot-series that dynamically shifts between upstairs and downstairs, and between seriousness and humour.

It is a "light" TV show set in the aftermath of Danish Belle-Epoque, during the 20s, in a charming, little seaside hotel in the middle of nowhere run by a hateful, miser landlord and his struggling, hardworking wife, with a small entourage of country-side chamber maids and parlour maids.

They host the same bunch of guests every year and their stories get intertwined with those of the local villagers, in a very particular period of European history, just before the stock market crash of the 29 and when Hitler was a rising promise in Germany.

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