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According to investigators, evidence was found suggesting that several serial killers were murdering women in south Los Angeles.Louis Craine committed at least two of the "Southside Slayer" murders, and Michael Hughes, Daniel Lee Siebert, Chester Turner, and Ivan Hill at least one each.

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(born August 30, 1952), a mechanic who worked between 19 for the City of Los Angeles in the sanitation department and briefly for the police department.He said, "OK, Mom." Even parents who are rarely at a loss for words stumble when it's time to talk with their kids about sex.Some children you can turn loose with a book (see sidebar) and then field their inevitable questions. Here's an important tip: Never avoid a "teachable moment." Dive in and offer accurate information whenever your child sashays anywhere near the topic of sex.A good sex education book can help you cover all the topics -- and it offers a place to point your child when you run out of words or feel your cheeks reddening.responsible for at least ten murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles, California.

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