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They will seem merely like people who have been allowed to see the possibility of a larger human dignity and who cannot wait to achieve it.

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We are not disordered or sick or defective or evil – at least no more than our fellow humans in this vale of tears.

I remember one of the first TV debates I had on the then-strange question of civil marriage for gay couples.

It was Crossfire, as I recall, and Gary Bauer’s response to my rather earnest argument after my TNR cover-story on the matter was laughter. A young fellow named Evan Wolfson who had written a dissertation on the subject in 1983 got in touch, and the world immediately felt less lonely.

“This is the loopiest idea ever to come down the pike,” he joked. Then a breakthrough in Hawaii, where the state supreme court ruled for marriage equality on gender equality grounds.

No gay group had agreed to support the case, which was regarded at best as hopeless and at worst, a recipe for a massive backlash.

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